Buy visitor traffic is basically someone sending out your banner, link, or some other means across their network to get people to visit your site. However buying traffic usually has some horrible results. The bounce rate is incredibly high, it eats up a ton of bandwidth, the traffic comes from everywhere, you get a lot of useless traffic. Certain affiliates will cancel your account if they find you doing that. There is a million places where you can buy traffic (and the quality one) but the thing is, all profitable places are most likely already filled by mature affiliates with tens of thousands of dollars of advertising budget. You will have a hard time competing with them. Donít even expect $0.01 per click for any CPA-related keywords ó the competition between the big guys has made the clicks much more costly. If they can get $40 per lead, and their conversion rate is only 3%, they can very well pay $0.60 per click and still get 200% profit. And they constantly optimize their conversion rate... 62179
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