You need to save the money they earn a monthly minimum of 10%. Most of them do just this step, though they were only a civil servants or senior technical expert, or an ordinary worker, some employees of large corporations or the joint venture company with high income levels can have a saving of up to 40% -> 50% of salary, who owns a small business establishments or the business owner, the rate was even higher savings income on their returns. Use this savings reinvested to acquire new profitable passively, ie automatic payments over time reproducing without the investors must put their labor, savings rates The higher saving passive line will become more pronounced, there are ways to have this cash flow, from simple to complex, from small scale to large scale, learn about where do i go to invest in stocks, and scales either way does also require time factor, there is no way to get rich quick and easy at all. And either way, I still encourage you to do good work that we are doing, skilled workers, engineers must be proficient and professional, doctors must be good, must aesthetically beautiful makeup, sales to sell very well, business is dynamic, investors have to be patient, ... to income from this work must constantly increase and reinvestment also thereby be increased. -, Kazakhstan
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